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Want to be a LendFair affiliate?

LendFair are always looking for good partners and agents promoting our loan products via the web and social media.

At it’s easiest, a simple banner on your site linking it to LendFair can earn you money; and for those actively generating pre-qualified leads, or links, to our web applications you are likely to earn far more.

For simple links we ask you to complete an approved supplier questionnaire and restrict any promotion to approved images and text. We can provide finished banner and text examples to get you going, or if you want to wrapper existing promotions in the Lendfair style we provide marketing guidelines and images.

For those publishing more detailed financial promotions or operating specifically in the Financial Services sector we also ask that you are authorised by the FCA.

Reward is based on a fee paid to you based on the loan advance; we provide tracking and full analysis of all unique traffic and advances monthly for billing purposes.

Want to know more?

Contact; colinb@lendfair.co.uk