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LendFair offer very competitive and flexible Guarantor loans. We are the lender, so you are not dealing with a broker or agent and you will never pay us fees. We will also give you a quick decision on your application. See our loan comparison table below for the product that best suits you.

Our ' Advantage 29 ' guarantor loan offers one of the lowest comparable APRs, at just 29.9% (fixed) even for those with a less than perfect credit history, but you must provide a Guarantor with an excellent credit history who is also a homeowner, and you must be over 21 years old and take home at least £1,000 per calendar month.

Swapping an existing Guarantor loan from a competitor to Lendfair could save you up to £4,198 * So why not swap today, and save ££££s?

Advantage 29, at just 29.9% APR (fixed) may be especially suitable where you want to borrow a larger sum over a longer period, say for debt consolidation or debt replacement. As we say at Lendfair; "If your friends and family trust you; so do we"............and now we've put that into practice with an industry busting loan rate.


Our ' Standard 47' guarantor loan, 47.9% APR (fixed) is tailored for those that don’t earn at least £1000 each month, or if your proposed guarantor doesn’t have an excellent credit history. It’s also our most flexible loan and you can borrow as little as £500.

Our Standard 47 requires a Guarantor with a reasonably good, but not perfect, credit history and you can tailor our Standard loan to fit your borrowing needs and what you can afford to pay back each month, selecting your loan in £100 increments and 3 month intervals, from just £500 over 6 months at 47.9% APR (fixed), allowing you to borrow exactly what you need, at a monthly repayment you can afford. The flexible loan from Lendfair.


So what's the real difference?

Basically to benefit from a Lendfair Advantage 29 loan, you will need a Guarantor with an excellent credit rating and as the borrower you must be over 21 years old and taking home at least £1,000 in earnings each month? Your Guarantor must have been at the same address for the last 5 years (but can be a tenant OR homeowner, we don't mind) and cannot be your spouse or partner. Can't meet those requirements? Then consider using a different Guarantor; or apply for our Standard 47 loan, It's a bit more expensive but may still be a good alternative, especially when compared to other High Cost Short Term Credit, like Payday loans, and particularly for small loans over short periods.

A complete comparison is given in our loan comparison table below.

* Compared to an Amigo loan of £7500 repaid over 60 months APR 49.9%; repaying £17,786.40 compared to Lendfair Advantage 29 repaying £13,587.83 over the same period APR 29.9%. Lendfair saves you a whopping £4,198.57. Correct at 14/07/16

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To find out more about the loans we offer there is more information in the Advantage 29Standard 47
About our loans section ApplyApply
Loan Details
Term 12 - 60 months6 - 60 months
Loan amount £1,000 - £10,000£500 - £5,000
Loan Increments £500£100
Incremental loan term 6 months3 months
Minimum monthly payment £40£30
APR % (fixed) 29.9%47.9%
Borrower age 21 - 7318 - 75
UK residents only TrueTrue
UK personal bank account required TrueTrue
Minimum net monthly income £0£1,000
Can my guarantor be my spouse or partner? FalseFalse
If all my income is benefits other than pension, can I still apply? FalseFalse
Will I be credit scored? DiscretionaryTrue
Can I apply if I have CCJs? TrueFalse
Can I apply if I am in a debt management program? FalseFalse
Guarantor age at start 25 - 7320 - 75
UK residents only TrueTrue
UK personal bank account TrueTrue
Can I be a homeowner? TrueTrue
Can I be a tenant? FalseTrue
How long must I have lived at current address (years)? 1 year5 years
Credit Score AverageExcellent
Representative example; Borrow £3,500 over 48 months repaying £118.86 a month. Total repayable £5,705.28 Representative APR 29.9% fixed. Interest rate 29.9% fixedRepresentative example; Borrow £2,500 over 36 months repaying £120.04 a month. Total repayable £4,321.44 Representative APR 47.9% fixed. Interest rate 47.9% fixed